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How to care for your Body Jewellery:

Always keep your piercings clean and sterile and wash with either medicated soap or rubbing alcohol.

Make sure all fixings, balls, spikes etc are tightened daily.

General – 316L Surgical Steel, G23 Titanium, Titanium plated, Silicone, Glass, 9ct and 14ct Gold, Bio-Flex and Acrylic pretty much looks after itself and don’t really require maintaining other than your own cleaning and personal hygiene as stated above.

Fashion Jewellery –  Belly Bars, Captives, Tragus or any other Body Jewellery with diamantes and dangles are not always made for everyday wear and tear. If you are not sure when purchasing an item please ask as fashion jewellery will not last in salt water, chlorine, some cleaners and even body oils can affect the jewellery.

Organic Wood – Can swell in water and crack in heat. Please when required wash quickly with a medicated soap such as Gamophen and leave to dry in an airy place. Even better try to source a natural oil and oil the wood after cleaning for a longer lasting product.

Semi Precious Stone – Keep clean and sanitised. Ok to wash with soap and water.

Rose Gold and Gold Plated – Can tarnish depending on your skin and is not recommended for every day wear.